101 Things to Do in Rome

101 Things to Do in Rome

It is said that a lifetime is not long enough to see Rome – Roma, non basta una vita! Simply put there is too much to see. We have taken a few highlights of Rome and things that one has to experience in order to truly enjoy this remarkable city and experience it, if even for a few days or moments. It is also a great excuse to keep on returning to visit this eternal city, the centre of Civilisation – ‘Caput Mundi’ 1. Eat a take-away pizza in Piazza Navona on one of the marble benches whilst looking at the fountains. 2. Hire the mythical Vespa motor bike and take your loved one around Rome just like Gregory Pack did with Audrey Hepburn in the movie Roman Holiday 3. Go to the Fontana di Trevi at Sunrise and toss a coin in the fountain don’t forget to make a wish to return to Rome. 4. Walk up the steps to the Capitoline Hill, the spectacular Renaissance Piazza at sunset. 5. Explore the streets of Rome but wear comfortable walking shoes 6. Walk through the streets of Rome – time literally flies and you will see so many beautiful sites without realising the sheer amount of km’s, best to have a map handy. 7. Imagine yourself as a gladiator when you go to the Coliseum 8. Go to St Peter’s square and admire the exact alignment of the Bernini Columns 9. Place your hand through the bocca della verita (the mouth of truth) at the Church Santa Maria in Cosmedin. 10. Dream of the Ancient glories at the Roman Forum where you can see the remains of the Temple of Saturn. 11. Visit the Vatican and be overwhelmed by the grandeur of St Peters’ Basilica 12. Be enchanted at the sheer volume of works of the Vatican Museum its free to visitors on the last Sunday of the month, otherwise open daily at a charge 13. Visit the Papal Tombs 14. Kiss your loved one in Via Condotti and keep smiling as you walk down the street. 15. Have the best coffee in town at St Eustachio square – try their secret recipe! Did you know that Italians enjoy 600 cups of coffee per year per person? 16. Go to Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps) and just watch the world go by. 17. Propose to your girlfriend over dinner at La Pergola on the top floors of the Cavallieri Hilton Hotel in Monte Mario overlooking Rome. 18. Watch a soccer match at the Stadio Olimpico 19. Escape to the charming town of Tivoli and listen to the music created by all the waterfalls and fountains 20. Shop till you drop at Gucci or Prada on Via Condotti 21. Take a jogging tour around Rome 22. Be mesmerised by the Renaissance artworks at the Museo e Galleria Borghese and Galleria Doria Pamphili. 23. Enjoy drinks at Campo dei Fiori and mix with the local crowds 24. Go Clubbing at the Testaccio 25. Walk a small part of the Via Appia Antica, it’s the longest road in Italy built by the Romans. 26. Enjoy the silence at the Jewish Ghetto 27. Learn the art of become a gladiator at the Gruppo Storico Romano – you even get to keep the tunic! 28. Lamb is a typical dish and L’abbaccio a scotta ditto literally meaning lamb that will burn your fingers is best served in the Trastevere restaurants 29. Take a 2 and a half hour train to Naples and visit the lovely island of Capri 30. Skate around the Piazza Del Popolo 31. See Caravaggio’s artworks The Life of St Matthew (3 paintings) at San Luigi dei Francesi or The Paintings of St Peter and Paul at Santa Maria del Popolo and the Madonna dei Pellegrini at Sant Agostino 32. Visit the Sistine Chapel and imagine Michelangelo’s 4 long years of painting it 33. Take a cruise on the River Tiber 34. Visit the controversial Ara Pacis built by the American architect Richard Meier. 35. Take the archeobus from the Termini Station and go on an archaeological bus tour of the Roman ruins including the Catacombs of San Callisto and San Sebastiano, the Circo Massimo and the Terme di Caracalla. 36. Refine your palate on one of the wine courses at the International Wine Academy of Rome or just booze on local wines at a bar. 37. Celebrate Rome’s birthday on the 21st April, free entry to loads of museums, processions and fireworks 38. Visit a cinema and watch one of the movies in Italian 39. Climb up to the Castel St Angelo and remember Puccini’s opera – Tosca. 40. 1st May attracts huge crowds for the free May Day Rock festival at the huge square outside San Giovanni in Laterano Church 41. Admire the largest Stone vault ever built in the Pantheon, see the rain coming through it on a rainy day. 42. Go to the Auditorium Parco della Musica designed by Renzo Piano for a concert by the Santa Cecilia Orchestra. Santa Cecilia is the patron saint to Musicians ad her remains are to be found in Rome after she was tortured. 43. Listen to Claudio Baglioni a famous Roman Singer and Musician – his most popular song being Questo Piccolo Grande Amore 44. Listen to Italian music on your IPod 45. Learn Italian words and be able to say at least a phrase everyday 46. In summer visit the Terme di Caracalla and watch one of the famed operas 47. Walk to the little island Tiburtina on the River Tiber and visit the church there. 48. Have an ice-cream at the famous Giolitti Ice-cream parlour and choose from a myriad of flavours 49. Look at the famous Pieta’ (Our Lady of Sorrows) Michelangelo’s’ well know sculpture at St Peter’s Basilica 50. When in Rome – do as the Romans do, mingle with them and just watch their mannerisms 51. Have a chat with the taxi drivers – they are an invaluable source of information on best haunts and dining places 52. Go to Cerveteri and Tarquina which holds the best in Etruscan treasures dating as far back as 474 BC 53. Go to Civitavecchia if you are planning to take a ferry to Sardegna 54. Visit the Castel Gandolfo – the papal summer residence in the Albani Hills and their 13 towns including Frascati renowned for their famous white wine. 55. Take Bus 170 from the Termini Station and ride all the way to the EUR district which was built by the Fascists in 1939 and later on used for the Olympics in Rome in 1960 56. Go down to the coast – Ostia Antica where the river Tiber flows into the Mediterranean Sea. 57. Visit the Porta Portese flea market on a Sunday morning and buy vintage jewellery or books 58. Go to the Pincian Hill (Pincio) which forms part of the Villa Borghese and near the Spanish Steps, look over the piazza del Popolo and see the spectacular view of St Peter’s and the Victor Emanuel Monument 59. Beware of pickpockets, keep bags, money and credit cards safe. 60. Buy brightly coloured leather gifts from Campo Marzio for your loved ones back home. 61. Visit Qube – Rome’s largest disco. Friday night is Muccassasina (Italy’s top Gay Night) Saturday is underground. Guest DJ’s in attendance. 62. Visit Castroni in via Cola di Rienzo where you can find both local and foreign gourmet foods, nicely packaged and fresh. 63. Watch a multitude of performers and artists performing at Piazza Navona in the evenings. 64. Try the roman Jewish speciality carciofi alla giudia (fried artichokes) in the Ghetto area or try the only kosher pizza in Rome. 65. Drop a coin in a street buskers hat. 66. Discover the art of Paper at Fabriano 67. Visit Rive Gauche 2 one of the most popular pubs in San Lorenzo 68. Check which famous singer is performing in Rome and buy tickets to attend the concert. 69. Take your loved one to Ponte Milvio and add your very own lock to the column – one of Italy’s’ latest symbol for lovers promising eternal love. 70. Visit the Vatican Post office, buy stamps and send a postcard from there. 71. Buy the Oservatorio Romano the Vatican’s daily newspaper and published in English 72. Take a long walk through the Villa Borghese 73. See the original and recently restored Bronze statue of the Emperor Aurelius on horseback at the Capitoline Museums 74. Walk through the streets of the Trastevere 75. Rome is Chaotic, its Sensuous and its Addictive – enjoy everything about it and live it. 76. See the great Moses sculpted by Michelangelo inside the St Peter’s in Chains Church off Via Cavour 77. Watch the guards at the Quirinale outside the President’s residence. 78. Take photos on the Ponte Sant’Angelo – the elaborate bridge lined with baroque Statues created by the Bernini 79. Go the Janiculum Hill and look down at all of Rome’s Monuments. A cannon goes off every day at noon 80. Take a bus to The Aventine Hill (Aventino) which is one of the most picturesque orange gardens and see views of the Trastevere, walk some 20m from the end on your right and look through the small keyhole of the green door and admire the view of the Dome of St Peter’s. Simply Breathtaking! 81. Visit villa Torlonia once Mussolini’s family residence being restored and admire the stained glass windows of the new museum in the casina delle civette 82. Enjoy a glass of wine in a typical Enoteca 83. Ah bella Italia – the land of culinary delights – try the famous carciofi alla romana (Arthicokes with oil and garlic), coda alla vaccinara (Ox-tail) and Gnocchi on a Thursday night 84. Take a stroll to Montecitorio near the Panthoen or Villa Madama near the Piazza Navona and watch all the politicians and senators try to move and shake Italy! 85. Try your hand at mosaic making at Art Studio Cafe 86. Take a photo with one of the dressed up gladiators outside the Coliseum 87. Shop at Feltrinelli Bookstore 88. Go to Piazza Barberini and walk up towards Via Veneto the highlight of Rome in the 60’s and synonymous with Fellini’s La Dolce Vita 89. Row a boat on the lake then enjoy a picnic at Villa Borghese. Dispose carefully of any leftovers and other garbage. 90. Visit the Zoo called Bioparco at Villa Borghese 91. Go To Time Elevator and watch the history of Rome in 3D 92. Papal Blessings are given to the crowds outside the Basilica on Sunday at Noon. 93. Dress appropriately for restaurants, churches and other venues. Some clothes just don’t cut it with the fashion conscious Italians. 94. Limit your environmental footprint – choose low emission transport to get around Rome 95. Watch the old 1945 movie – Roma Città’ Aperta by Roberto Rossellini 96. Italy is the home of the slow food movement – dine in one of their acknowledged restaurants and savour the aromas and flavours 97. See the Monument dedicated to the king who unified Italy – Vittorio Emanuele II also known as the Altare della Patria from Piazza Venezia or wander through it 98. Shop at Via del Corso it offers an excellent choice of shops and prices. 99. Walk along the Trastevere from Largo di Torre Argentina, cross the Tiber and reach via Delle Conciliazione. Close your eyes and open them again to see St Peters’ Basilica in the distance. 100. Eat a plate of Pasta alla Matriciana and ask the waiter for the recipe. 101. 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