Welcome to this audio lesson on ADOBEPHOTOSHOP.

In this lesson you will hear about the different ways to edit your photos using Adobe Photoshop.

When we take pictures of something or someone, we will usually do everything that you can to make the conditions for taking pictures perfect.

You might place the subject in an area where the lighting is perfect, and you also do everything that you can in order to eliminate the red eye that can ruin the picture.

Thanks to today’s technology and Adobe Photoshop, even amateur photographers can now take an average digital photo and make it look professional by eliminating flaws.

In fact, most professional photographers use Adobe Photoshop to air brush imperfections in the pictures they took with their digital SLR camera. In many people’s eyes Photoshop is the king of all photo editing software applications. With Photoshop – it will likely contain every tool that you’ll ever need to edit your photographs.

For example, with Adobe Photoshop, you will be able to remove an unwanted object such as a trash can or mail box in a seemingly perfect photo. Also, simple imperfections can be removed. For example in portraits, you can remove scars, wrinkles and even pimples and other blemishes. These techniques are used by studio photographers who want to make their subjects look perfect. In fact, you can even make overweight people look as if they are the sexiest people on earth. That’s the magic of Adobe Photoshop.

With this photo editing software, anything is possible. Red eye that completely ruins a great photo can also be removed in seconds. To access the Red Eye Tool in Photoshop, access the toolbar that contains the patch tool.

Dark pictures can be enhanced with the lighting tool. With this tool you can adjust the brightness of the picture as well as the contrast and dark pictures will look like you took it in a perfect lighting environment. Back lighted pictures are no longer a problem with Adobe Photoshop.

Some say that this photo editing software is relatively easy to use. But whether you’ll find it easy yourself, will depend on your computer skills, and what type of editing you’re attempting. But if you find Photoshop a challenge, then consider picking up Photoshop Elements, which is a lighter version of the big daddy Photoshop, and is perfect for most amateurs. And best of all, Photoshop Elements is a fraction of the price. An OEM version of Photoshop Elements is often bundled with hardware. So if you’re in the market for a new scanner or drawing tablet, be on the lookout for one that comes with a free copy of Photoshop Elements. It might be worthwhile to spend an extra $50, to obtain a better scanner especially if it comes with some free software.

Photoshop documents (PSD files) are cross platform. They can be opened and edited on a MAC or Windows PC, and in just about any version of Photoshop, including the lighter version of the program, Photoshop Elements.

As you can imagine, you don’t need a digital photo studio in order to improve the look of your dull pictures.

Even with an ordinary digital camera, you can be sure that the end result will be great pictures once you have done a little editing.

So, if you love taking pictures and you want to improve how the pictures you take look, then Adobe Photoshop will be able to give you the power to take pictures like a professional. And don’t let those jpg’s collect digital dust. At your local photo developer, or with many reliable online services, you can print your memories for placement into a photo album for as little as pennies a piece. Your keepsakes are treasures forever. Once your editing is complete, turn your digital images into prints, calendars, and photobooks. In fact, there are so many possibilities that you can do with your pictures with Adobe Photoshop.

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