Digital photography for the novice

Digital photography for the novice

Digital photography is not actually as simple as pressing the button and clicking the camera every time your subject smiles. The truth is it involves far more than what you think you can do with a camera and that means you can also do things that you never dreamed possible just as soon as you know the basics in photography and camera handling.

But before you do that, there are things that you should know first about digital photography. One of them is the eye. Just because you have a 20/20 vision does not mean that you will be able to take great photos. Not all people are capable of taking stunning shots. Only some are blessed with what photography enthusiasts and hobbyists call the EYE. The eye means that you instinctively know what will look great in the picture. This calls for good taste and aesthetics. You need to be able to distinguish what is great and what is not.

Although the talent cannot be created, you can at least improve your aesthetics and taste by surrounding yourself with beautiful pictures. You can do this by buying photography books. Look at the photos that photography experts call great photos and you will at least be able to see what is great and not. Soon enough, you will be able to distinguish for yourself what the components are for great photographs. Besides, by looking at great photos all the time, you can train your eye to taking great photos.

Another important consideration is the camera that you will be using. Your camera can help a lot in the photographs that you will be taking. With a good camera, you can at least produce quality pictures even if the shots are not composed as great. Nikon for instance are known for their great colors and clear shots. Canon and Olympus are also brand leaders in the field of photography. Although D-SLRs are often said to be the usual models for professional photography, for beginners, a compact digital camera will do. There are actually a lot models out there in the market that can already compete with a D-SLR when it comes to the clarity and the pixel size. Besides as noted photographers love to say, it is not in the camera that you get stunning photos, it is in the hands of the photographer. A good camera can help but it is you who will create the winning shot.

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