Digital photography on the beach

Digital photography on the beach

When you are on the beach, all you want to do aside from going for a swim is to take photos of the scenery as well as the people that you are with. But look at the shots that you have compiled over the years, don’t you find the same boring shots that you have done the previous years? It’s like cloning the shots with an entirely different set of subjects and background but the same composition and poses.

To make your beach shots unique and interesting, you have to make sure that you find things that you feel will stand out in your photo. So how do you do this? Here are some ideas that you can use for your next beach album. Happy clicking!

1. Look at the little things
The smallest things that are often not noticed by people are the usually more interesting. For one reason, it is not usually part of photos and for another, it is not usually seen as something worthy to take pictures of. But making what is small and insignificant into something big and important in your photo is the contrast that you need to make your photo very interesting.

Look for instance a shell that has a hermit crab inside it. Take photos of the sand and how the patterns are made when the sea sweeps against it. Take a shot of your footprint on the sand or maybe a dried coconut washed ashore. How about a coin dropped by someone or a bottle with a message inside? There are many things that you can take picture of that are not your usual subjects. Go beyond your horizon and see what your imagination and creativity can come up with.

2. Candid shots
Fire squad, all smiling shots are just boring. Although this is great for albums and family reunions, it can get tedious when done all the time, every year in fact. Take shots of your family when they are not looking. Candid shots are great in exposing your subjects personality and character.

3. Action shots
The beach is a place for fun and games and one way you can make your shots interesting is to make sure that you take shots of people doing things, playing volleyball, swimming, sunbathing. The more movement, the more interesting. Make sure though that your camera can capture the movement so you will not end up taking blurred photos. This happens often when the subject is moving.

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