Focus and get the best out of a shot

Focus and get the best out of a shot

Taking pictures is an experience that is rewarding as well as memorable. Photography can be fulfilling as well as frustrating.

The following are basic tips and advice to get the most out of taking great pictures.

Taking pictures indoors

The best way to achieve a good focus indoors is by using a roll of film that has a speed of ISO 400.

There may be instances when pictures taken indoors are bit of a blur, the best way to solve this problem is by switching the automatic focus on your camera. This prevents from you having to manually focus and tirelessly concentrate on getting it sharp when the camera can do the work for you, in less time, making it easier for you.

Also, there is a reason why there is a flash on your camera. You need to use it especially when taking indoor shots. Pictures that are blurry are also the result of poor lighting. When this happens, the shutter of the camera is forced to open for a considerable amount of time therefore making the image blurry.

Dark photos could be prevented by using a flash. Indoor shots need to have a flash even if there is light available. To make sure though, it is highly advisable that one shot be taken with a flash and another without.

Batteries, batteries, batteries

Sometimes, trying to achieve focus can prove to be difficult especially if your camera is running out of power. You should always check your batteries. A flash system takes a lot of battery power and the sign that you need to have your old batteries exchanged for new ones is when your flash does not fire when taking that shot.

Get the glare out of your pictures

There may be instances when the final prints of your pictures may have a glare. Usually this happens when the flash reflects off mirrors, walls that are shiny, windows, tvs, etc. You may be able to avoid this by putting the camera on its side.

Frame and focus

Before clicking on that shutter button, focus on framing the shot you are taking. Be aware of the picture’s frame and try not to cut off the top of the subjects heads.

The best way to take pictures is with your bare hands. Remove gloves if you are wearing them and don’t hold any objects while framing and focusing the shot. Doing such actually helps in avoiding the lens to be unnecessarily blocked.

What about pictures taken outdoors

These types of pictures may be taken using film that is ISO 100 where there may be light readily avaiable like during the day.

However, there may be instances where people may be squinting when their pictures are being taken. To avoid this, try to position people so they aren’t facing the sun. It may be handy to have an umbrella handy.

Cases also occur where people appear dark or shadowy in the picture even if the pictures are taken outdoors. When this happens, it could be that the photographer was positioned directly towards the sun. As much as possible, the sun should be behind the person taking pictures. Or use a flash to reduce any shadows on the subjects being photographed, if it is necessary that the photographer be positioned towards the sun.

Most cameras have a capacity to lock on their focus. To do this, have your camera point towards a spot that is bright. Keep pressing on the shutter halfway, without going overboard and pressing it completely. Then, move the camera to the picture you are to take and press the shutter fully.

Be aware not just of the subject you are focusing on but on any backgrounds available where your subject is positioned. Pay attention to trees or any objects that could appear behind the subject that could ruin the shot. There have been instances where a flag pole seems to be coming out of a model’s head, when actually the shot was just poorly framed and focused.

All in all, focusing is easy if you put your mind, heart and eyes into it.

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