How to take great shots of people

How to take great shots of people

Digital photography is one of the things that people do every day. With the birth of cell phone cameras, almost all people have wanted to become amateur photographers. But there is more to digital photography than what it seems. It is not just taking photos and capturing the moment, it is about making sure that the moment is something you will be remembering through the years. To do that you need to be able to take a shot of people that is both interesting and endearing.

Here are some of the things that you can do to help you take better photos of the people around you and maybe with your own mobile phone camera, yourself. Read on and you may find some of the tips extremely helpful in changing the look of the family photo album.

1. Take candid shots
There is such joy when you have managed to capture a moment not because you asked them to pose but because you were there at the right place and at the right time. Candid shots allow people to see beyond the pasted smiles and see the person caught unaware. It gives the picture a lot of character and personality. It also tells a far more interesting story than maybe a shot of your sister smiling and posing in front of a beach resort signage.

Candid shots are also priceless in the sense that they are living testaments of those previous moments that have long passed. It reminds people of how they felt at that time when the picture was taken because it was captured in the photo.

2. Shots with subjects not looking at the camera
When doing photo shoots, try taking pictures of people when they are not looking at the camera. It is so much more interesting and at the same time, more dramatic. Picture with subjects that are not upfront are also more interesting because it draw the viewer to see what is going on with the subject.

3. Action shots
Movement will make your photo appear more dynamic. Even when it is scripted and you did ask them to pose, why not change the concept and make them jump together instead of just standing like some posts by the street. That way, the shots will be more interesting. Action shots lend an animated feel into the photo. It also allows you to get excited with the people in the photo because they all seem so happy.

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