Is disposable digital camera ideal for beginners?

Is disposable digital camera ideal for beginners?

For people who are inclined into the art of photography, having a reliable gadget such as the digital camera is crucial. Today, the major classification of digital cameras in the market include the “basic point and shoot,” the advanced point and shoot,” and the “digital SLR or single lens reflex.” But, there are still those who opt for the disposable digital camera.

Majority of disposable digital camera today is described as “ultra compact.” This unique quality of disposable cameras appeal so much to trendsetters and to photographers who want to have a spare camera that is “pocketable,” easy to operate, and has manageable features and options.

Usually, single-use or disposable camera refers to a simple box film camera that comes with roll of film installed in it and intended for one-time use only. These disposables usually use lenses that are focus free come with flash units integrated in it, while others are even waterproof that are ideal for photography underwater.

Today, a recent innovation in the field of digital photography is the emergence of disposable digital cameras. These refer to kinds of cameras that can do without film and utilizes digital technology in order to take and produce photos. Unlike the film version of disposable cameras where you have to rewind the film and take in it a developing center for developing or printing, digital disposable cameras will only require you to return the unit itself for processing and printing.

Before you finally opt for a disposable digital camera to use in your vacation, consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of using one. Some of the pros of disposable cameras include being user-friendly, compact, and space saver especially for travelers; easy use by just by following the instructions on the box; lesser time spent on contemplating what model to use because they basically perform the same function. If you want trendy designs, you can choose from a variety of models available in the market; and come in 2-mega pixels resolution that is good for most types of shots.

However, one major disadvantage in most disposable digital camera is that it is very limited when it comes to number of shots. Most units can only store not more than 30 pictures.

In fact, in choosing disposable digital cameras, you don’t need to compare units and research about product specifications because this type is for one time use only. Your available options may also include “techie” and convenient designs that are created to meet specific functions. After using a disposable digital camera, you can place the images you have captured on a CD the easily upload these on the computer. You can also email the photos right away and share your experience with friends and other family members.

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