Photo Art: The Beauty Of Photo Retouching

Photo Art: The Beauty Of Photo Retouching

Art is an expression of man’s passions, his hopes and the hidden sentiments that only become available for the world to see in a very few seconds. As a matter of fact, many people consider art to be their release from the stress and tension they encounter in the day. There is no wonder then why art has pervaded every fiber of human activity. Even in areas that are considered art in itself, there are still signs of man’s continued drive towards attaining a higher level of art by introducing photo art. In this, man is able to express his feelings by changing something that is already an art in itself, either because he sees something else missing or because he simply wants to convey his own idea through manipulation of pictures.

What Constitutes a Photo Art?

Photo art covers all the major aspects in photo retouching. This includes manipulation of the objects in the picture, manipulation of the settings during which the picture was taken to create a different style into the picture as well as removal of unwanted objects.  In specific terms, the following are the most useful and commonly used features of photo art:

Changing the tone of the picture. This feature involves changing the dominant shades in the picture. A common variation of this is to change a colored picture into black and white creating a grayscale picture. Another effect involves the creation of a picture with inverted colors wherein dark areas appear white and light areas become dark. This also makes possible the creation of pictures that appear like film negatives when only silhouettes of the picture’s subjects are noticed and not the specific details.
Smoothening of the skin and subject’s hair. This is very important especially in pictures that were taken during windy days. Because the hair is frizzy, it does not look good on picture. No need to worry though because through artistic manipulations, your hair will appear neat as if it was freshly combed.
Removal of unwanted objects. If there are certain parts in the photo that you do not like for whatever reason, thanks to photo art, you can now get rid of it. Immediately, the photo will look differently as if it was taken in a different location. In place of the removed object, you can place other objects that conform to the photo without being obvious that it was manipulated.
Another feature that makes photo art popular is that you can also change the scenery. For example, a picture of you taken in a mall can instantly become a picture taken in a meadow, in a beach or anywhere else you fancy being.

Photo art is indeed one of the best things that ever happen to picture manipulation. With the photo art service from Sharper Images Now, there is an endless world of opportunities. With your imagination as the limit, there are motley of effects that can be created in a single photo.

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