Photography Travel Jobs – How To Travel And Work As A Photographer

Photography Travel Jobs – How To Travel And Work As A Photographer

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This saying must be true because professional photography has been a thriving business since the invention of cameras. Pictures elicit emotion and intellectual stimulation. That is why they are extensively used in promotions, advertisements, publicity, education, and for decoration.

Photography in itself is a broad area of interest; it has a wide variety of disciplines and probably one of the most sought after photography jobs is travel photography. It is no surprise that it’s a hit among photography aficionados. Not only does it pay well, the excitement of traveling and the breathtaking subjects and scenes you can capture are some of just some of the incentives..

However, travel photography is an incredibly competitive field that is very difficult to break into. It requires exceptional skill as a photographer and you also need to have marketing skills. Individuals new to this field may find it difficult to make a living as a travel photographer. At first, an investment in equipment like cameras and lenses are required. Photographers also have to pay for their travels in the initial phase of the career.


Any businessperson knows that the hard work is typically on the outset of the venture and it duly applies in travel photography. Once travel photographers start selling and getting assignments, business will grow and become steady enough to support your travel habits.

One should be aware of the outlets willing to buy photographs and hire photographers for freelance jobs. Publishing companies that mainly publish travel and tourism related reading materials, such as travel books, magazines, and newspapers, are one of the most common buyers. Websites and government agencies are also prospective clients. Businesses, especially catering to the tourism industry, are great customers to have as well.

Most beginners will rely on freelance work and sometimes photographers just have to take pictures even it is not really an assigned task from a particular company. The early pictures travel photographers take are for a portfolio that they can then use to market their skills as a photographer

It is very important to create a portfolio of your work. That will become your main advertising and persuasive means of getting clients. It is a great idea to start building your portfolio and take photographs of interesting perspectives near your home. This way you won’t have to spend much.

If you live nearby great sceneries and interesting panoramas, you can easily produce remarkable photographs without much expense. However, if your hometown is dull and boring, you should look for interesting scenery or find one near by.

The Internet is a good place to start displaying your pictures and getting prospective clients. You can find clients on sites like Craigslist and Elance. The better way to sell and market photographs is to have your own website. It is easy and affordable and very beneficial for your business.

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