Photoshop tutorial ? Photoshop Warrior, the best photoshop tutorial?

Photoshop tutorial ? Photoshop Warrior, the best photoshop tutorial?

Being a newbie in photoshop is real hard, especially if your friends are photoshop pros! That’s a one liner of my situation, at least it was! All my buddies are totally awesome in photoshop! I can’t really ask them to teach me the basics simply because they are too fast and I don’t really catch up with them! As I went through the internet for some tutorials, I found a few on youtube. And as expected, they made no sense. They were quite a bit complicated, so I really didn’t find any use in it! But again, google is your friend so I was searching for some photoshop video stuff, and what I discovered changed my photoshop skills totally.

Photoshop warrior covered the basics and the advanced parts of photoshop with ease, I could actually say that I was good in photoshop simply by using that for a bit over 2 days! Basically, the stuff in that package is spoon feeding, I was spoon fed the tools in photoshop and also the mind set which you would need to edit photos. In the beginning I was a bit slow, but the tutorials were so good that I wanted to go faster and faster. Sure enough, I picked up speed and I found myself on top of the game pretty soon. I did my first decent photoshop rendering and I rendered only the required parts and not parts of the background as I would normally do! Seriously, I enjoyed this tutorial and learnt loads of stuff from it. You should go check out this tutorial – Photoshop Warrior

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