Photoshop Tutorials And Videos

Photoshop Tutorials And Videos

Adobe Photoshop is one of the finest tools obtainable today when it comes to editing photos and designing websites. I have put together some Photoshop tips that will assist you grasp the concept of Photoshop. While there may be a lot of tools involved in the software, it is also one of those that give the greatest output when it comes to designing.

To help you start learning this powerful program, start with the basics of Adobe Photoshop to learn and learn the tools and to avoid any frustrations in your work, Indeed, a little patience in learning the tools and the basics can help keep your enthusiasm and interest in learning and using the program in your projects. Here are some basic tools that you may should to familiarize to start with Adobe Photoshop.

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If it is your first time with the program, you may be overwhelmed by the many icons in its toolbox and you may well be overwhelmed with what to use when. For beginners, it is important to understand the basics. You may want to group these tools according to their function to make them easier to keep in mind.

Learn the image analysis tools – the Histogram, the Eyedropper, and the Info Palette

These 3 tools present you with fundamental information about your image or photograph. The Histogram will advise you everything you need to know about the exposure of the photograph, whether or not it is under or over exposed, and the tonal range. The Eyedropper tool will provide you important information about the colors in the image; especially if there is a color cast (a color cast is an undesirable overall dominant color) you need to correct. The Info palette (or window) will provide statistical feedback when using the eyedropper and also when using other tools. This is an important reference for advanced work so is worth getting to be familiar with at the start.


Learn to crop the picture – Use the Crop tool

Cropping is the procedure of getting rid of anything from around the sides of a photo that does not add to the impact of the photo. The Crop tool should be learned next since cropping is a extremely important resourceful process. There are very few photos that can’t help from being cropped. Too many Photoshop beginners just accept the content of the picture as it came from the camera. The added benefit of cropping the picture near the beginning is that you also reduce the file size which makes extra changes to the image run much quicker since you are using less memory and disk space.

Learn to correct the tonal values – Use the Levels command

The next logical step is to correct any exposure problems or tonal range issues. If the photo is too dark or light now is the time to fix it. To do tonal corrections you need to find out to use the Levels command. Learn how to straighten a tilted image – Use the ruler to find the angle of tilt.

Learning to use the Ruler tool will allow you to determine precisely the angle of a tilted horizon and this can then be used with the rotate canvas command to rapidly correct a tilted image. Learning to work the ruler and rotate canvas combination makes correcting these pictures really easy!

Learn the Brush Tool – Use the eraser

You will also find the brush, which is one of the important tools that you will be using, the eraser, the blur or the sharpen tool and most especially the clone stamp. The clone stamp has been one of the many important tools in Photo shop that you will find awesome, as it will duplicate a particular image in the picture, and helpful if you should to create more trees, or delete somebody in the background.

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