Photoshop Tutorials Videos – Tips and Tricks to help You Learn Photoshop – Creating Standard Shapes

Photoshop Tutorials Videos – Tips and Tricks to help You Learn Photoshop – Creating Standard Shapes

Modifying Standard Shapes

Have you ever wondered how someone was able to create a logo that looked so perfect? I used to think that someone probably had to draw the logo by hand, but then I learned some very interesting things about creating shapes in Photoshop. I used to think that you could only create standard shapes like ovals, rectangles, squares, and circles. However I recently learned that Photoshop gives you the ability to take these standard shapes and modify them to make new shapes that are very appealing. The way that this is accomplished is by selecting the path of the shape and manipulating it to create a completely new and different shape.
The first thing that you need to do is create a shape like a rectangle or an oval. Then choose the direct selection tool (white arrow), and select the path around the shape. You will know that you have selected the path, because you will see anchor points at the corners of the shape. Once you see the anchor points you will be able to click the anchor points and use them to resize and redesign the shape. The best thing about using paths to change the shape’s design is that the shape maintains its crisp lines, and looks just as good as a standard shape. How are you able to do this? The reason these changes are so clean is that the shape is vector based, and not pixel based, so you are able to just manipulate the vectors that comprise the shape. Another great thing about editing a shape in this way is that whatever formatting you have used on the shape will not be affected by modifying the path. If you have a gradient fill on the shape it will be modified as you modify the path of the shape, and it will maintain the same look as before you modified the shape. Now that you know how to modify the path of a shape you are no longer limited by the standard shapes that appear in the tools palette. Use your freedom wisely, and take this new found knowledge to you computer so you can create graphics that everyone else will envy for a change.

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In this video i am going to teach how to make some glowing strokes in photoshop. im using Photoshop cs2, also if you follow some of the shortcuts you can speed up your workflow! Please comment, rate and subscribe for more tutorials! Check out my site: for more work/tutorials!
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  1. ReeceTheFairman says:

    To Work ‘STROKE PATH’ Hit F5 and tick ‘Shape Dynamics’ This will enable the Stroke path option! THUMBS UP!

  2. frantic0466 says:

    @simpleyvic OMG thanks for this comment. I was having the same problem. I was freaking out thinking I was crazy. LOL.

  3. BrianTambourini says:

    @NestoreG75 If you’re looking for recording software, search for Debut recording software, its made by NCH, it allows you to record from a webcam, screen, device like a dazzle and so on

  4. 11enty11 says:

    How do you do it with text?

  5. einarknutsen says:

    @xCaPtAncRuNcHx use a hairy brush?

  6. SuperLebnani says:


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  8. BossaVlogs says:

    that can also be called neon effect ^.^

  9. ryandsz says:

    man you clicked the pen not the pencil

  10. ravenstonez says:

    For these light strokes you can use also “Flame Painter”, it’s absolutely amazing tool for these kind of effects! great tutorial! :)

  11. TheSunny11cool says:

    what is the name of that brush?

  12. AustinLovesDrPepper says:

    WOW, he’s not British!! FINALLY!!!!

  13. NestoreG75 says:

    what video recording software are you using for this ?

  14. l33trikimaru says:

    @xCaPtAncRuNcHx pen pressure if you havnt yet been told

  15. l33trikimaru says:

    backspace* when using the pen reverses the node

  16. purplishvoice says:

    Eh, you need to work on the clarity. Thanks for this tutorial.

  17. lemasultan says:

    Why does his voice sound so hot?

  18. Isse016 says:

    My students gonna say, oh teacher, you are awesome!!

  19. stinkepoep says:

    someone noticed at 0:34 he gettet a message? 😀

  20. blueboy94nss1 says:

    the capptions are epic

  21. ILordFoxI says:

    @minibanksy2008 This video was made in 2006 You might have better luck looking for another video xP

  22. minibanksy2008 says:

    im using photoshop 5.5 and it doesnt have the simulate pressure option so basically it just looks crappy. can anyone possibly help me on that?

  23. iBmyselfoutloud says:

    Thnx soo much this really helped!!(:

  24. TheRSVent says:

    This was the most helpful photoshop TUT yet. Thank you very much. I will make sure to subscribe!

  25. kRUT4Zz says:

    @MrJustin5999 choose pen tool and on the left upper side is “shape layers” and “paths”, paths must be on, still doesn’t work?

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