Photoshopping Tutorials – An Enlightening Experience

Photoshopping Tutorials – An Enlightening Experience

There was a time when photographs with blemishes would have to be discarded. A finger partially over the lens would ruin a good shot. Now, with Photoshop, most errors can be corrected. Modifications range from simple ones, like enhancing the contrast or removing “red-eye”, to more intricate ones like removing the errant fingerprint and replacing it with background or another object. Objects or people can be added or deleted from any photograph with ease. If a person has his arm extended up in the air, it can even be moved down to his side.  A set of tutorial videos is available to teach you these techniques in only two hours.

Do the the photographs of you make you look overweight?  Photoshop even has techniques to slim your figure and remove unsightly wrinkles or rolls of flab. It is incredible what Photoshop can do!

The capabilities of Photoshop don’t end there. It is also possible to deftly create original artwork with Photoshop, much like an artist with brush and palette. Special techniques are available to shade areas, blend colors together, and add brush strokes.  High Dynamic Range colors can be used to make the images sparkle. All of these twchniques are presented in the set of tutorial videos.

If you’re serious at all about generating professional-looking photographs or creating outstanding graphical images, you can’t pass up the opportunity to view these instructive step-by-step tutorial videos. They will take you from novice to a Photoshop expert in a short time. You will be able to impress all of your friends and neighbors.

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