Read the Manual!

Read the Manual!

Learning how to properly use your digital camera is vital if you want to take excellent shots. Most of todays digital cams have various features making it easy to get confused. However, if you simply take time in reading the manual, everything will be a lot easier.

Using your cam without enough knowledge will not give you satisfying results. It is innate for most individuals to start using something that is new to them, especially a new camera. Perhaps you have also gone through this and took pictures using your new camera. Reading the manual should be your first task to better understand how it works.

Some cameras already have light meters which are often set to default mode. You must understand how the light meter works since it usually comes with 3 metering modes. The light meter calculates correct EV or exposure value. If it is set to default, the camera will simply evaluate the whole scene and break it down to regions or zones. The EV will work in most photos. By reading the manual, you will learn how to change the metering modes. The setting of the light meter has a great effect on the image that you are trying to produce. if you have read the manual, you will find everything there.

The modern camera has several dials or buttons. You can even find confusing symbols on the cameras LCD. You will be able to learn many things by reading the manual which includes using the menu, how to use the different functions, how to turn it on or off, how to use digital zoom, using special effects such as polarize and sepia, changing white balance, and many others.

A camera with so many features can be very intimidating. If you want to be comfortable in using your cam, sit down and take some time in reading the manual. This may sound boring but you can learn valuable information about your new camera. Even if you are already familiar with some of the cameras features, do not hesitate to learn more.

Determine the features that are still unfamiliar to you. Locate it on the manual and read instructions thoroughly. After learning something, try applying it using your camera. Take several pictures and save them on your computer. Check if you are satisfied with the results. After learning one function or feature, proceed with the next unfamiliar feature on your list.

Some people learn quickly while others learn slowly. Consider your learning pace and make sure that you learn everything written on the manual. Don’t rush yourself.

So when someone gives you a new camera or you purchase one, spend time in reading the manual before you use it.

The manual contains many obscure terms, cross references, complicated diagrams, and convoluted English. Because of these things, lots of individuals are not interested in reading them without actually knowing that they are wasting an opportunity to learn more about proper camera usage.

There are so many things that you can do with your digital camera. Digital cams are different from the traditional film cameras. Pointing your camera and shooting is not enough. If you want to become a serious photographer, you should know about things like white balance, AF illuminator, AE lock, etc.

Chunks of information may not sound very useful to you at first. If you see any diagrams on the manual, leave it and understand the basic functions of the camera first. Once you learn about the basics of using digital cameras, it will be easier to understand the diagrams. Constant practice is also required. When you’re reading the manual, make sure that the camera is beside you. If you are still unsure, you can research about a certain feature online. Just stick to this – when you learn something, apply it immediately. Go out and take pictures and check if you are doing it right. You can delete undesirable images since that is one of the features of a digital camera. Don’t expect to shoot pictures like the pros because this will take some time.

Once you open the digital cameras box, sit down and take out the manual.

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