Revamp your Old Snaps with Digital Photo Retouching!

Revamp your Old Snaps with Digital Photo Retouching!

Worried about your old photographs with their tattered borders, untidy folds and discolored images? With the advent of the digital age, there is no cause of worry. Give your old snaps a face-lift with the magic of digital photo retouching. Thanks to digital technology that has made the retouching task simpler. Before the invention of digital technology, old and dreary looking pictures were refurbished manually. What a daunting task!

Websites that uses photographs or magazines catering to the entertainment industry no longer worry about using old photographs. These snaps can be given a fresh and glossy look using image retouching. With this technology in place you can do whatever you feel like with your old photos. You can mend borders, remove spots or improve color effects. Therefore, if you have a website and worrying about your dull images, time has come to go for a renovation.

There are certain techniques with which you can make your retouching task easier. Though there is technology, remember that retouching work can only be done by web solutions firms having the requisite skills and know-how. They will use the right methods in improving your old photographs. Here are some ways with which photo rework can be done.


Understand the Damage First

Before proceeding into the actual work, understanding the real nature of the damage is essential. Study the snaps carefully and analyze what features precisely need to be repaired. Think of the ways to mend the snaps so that it looks new. Your work need to have such amount of professional acumen that after the retouching has been done, no should be able to tell the difference.

Proper Alignment

Proper alignment of your images is important. After the photos have been scanned, align your images and keep it straight avoiding any tilt. There are rotation tools in the photo edit software that you may be using. Use these tools properly to avoid any right or left tilt of your photos.

Do up the Cropping

Next you have to crop your images after it has been aligned. It is the preliminary crop that will help you in eradicating any dark edges or any mark made by the scanner glass after your photos were scanned.

Fine-tune the Image Tone

This is a very vital technique of digital photo retouching.  You should know to adjust the tone of your old photos so that they look normal. There might be photos that have immensely faded. Be careful with such images. In such cases, you have to do the tonal adjustments before evaluating the damage; else it would be difficult to identify the damage before the tonal problems have been rectified.

Cleaning Task

Make use of the different plug-ins and filters to do a cleaning of the photos. Use your knowledge and skills for the refurbishment of the image. 

Adjusting the Colors

The color levels of your old snaps also need to be adjusted for a better look. Give color to your dull black and white photos or simply alter the color levels of discolored photos. Improve further by giving the final touches using software tools and plug-ins.

Final Cropping

It’s time now to do the final cropping to give you the restored photo with the right image size and output.  Do the final cropping carefully.

Hope the above techniques prove useful for your retouching task.

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My first real attempt at extreme photo retouching. I have dabbled in it, used some of the techniques, but wanted to try something a lil more extreme, a lil more challenging. Not 100% succesful, but i think it works.
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