St Lucia: A Holiday With A Difference

St Lucia: A Holiday With A Difference

St Lucia is famed for its twin Pitons; Petit Piton and Gros Piton and for good reason. These two volcanic mounds tower over St Lucia awash with bright green foliage and are more than 2,500 ft above sea level. The island has a thick coating of tropical forest filled with an array of exotic plants and flowers and birds. One of which, the St Lucia Parrot, is a species endemic to St Lucia and is its national bird. There are also great orchards in the north of the island growing bananas, coconuts, mango and papaya.

St Lucia is also home to the world’s only drive-through volcano, where thick pools of lava bubbles on the surface and the smell of sulphur is thick in the air. Created when a volcanic dome collapsed, the crater is filled with mineral deposits, bubbling pools and steamy vents. If the bubbles get you longing for a Jacuzzi, try the mineral baths just outside of Soufriere. The Diamond Botanical Gardens, Waterfall, Mineral Baths and Nature Trail is a tourist complex where you can walk through the stunning gardens commissioned by King Louis XIV and bathe in the mineral rich waters of the baths fed by sulphur streams. The waterfall and nature walk are an ideal way to enjoy your newly revitalised body and the surroundings are simply beautiful.

Another clue to St Lucia’s volcanic past is the black beaches that swathe parts of the island. There are also sumptuously soft white sand beaches which are ideal for sunbathers but the black ones are definitely the more exotic of the two. With coarser grains they aren’t as soft as their white counterparts and due to their dark colour they do absorb heat a lot faster so beware of burnt feet, but the utter strangeness makes for a great photo and interesting tale to tell the folks back home.

Another place well worth a visit is Pigeon Island; the entire island is protected as the Pigeon Island National Park and makes for a great day excursion. On the island you can see the leftovers of a British army settlement created under Admiral George Rodney including Fort Rodney and some barracks. Pigeon Island is attached to St Lucia by a sandy causeway and is sometimes referred to as Pigeon Point as, due to the causeway, it isn’t really an island anymore.

So if you’re looking for a Caribbean island with a little individual flair, try St Lucia holidays and spend you days lounging on the beach, snorkelling, driving through a volcano and trekking through the rainforest.

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