Storage options for digital photography

Storage options for digital photography

These days, one of the biggest advantages of digital cameras compared to traditional film cameras is the storage capacity through digital camera memory cards. Today, more and more photographers resort to using digital cameras because the large capacity digital memory cards enable them to explore more photography possibilities because of a larger storage.

The following are the six types of digital memory cards that try to dominate the industry of digital camera consumption and usage. Each of these types has their own philosophies and promotes advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to choose what format of digital camera memory card is suited for your needs.

– The Compact Flash or “CF.” This type of digital camera memory card is considered as a favorite among photographers that use digital cameras because they are capable of producing large files of images. In the market today, Compact Flash comes in two physical modifications the Type I refers to a 3.3 millimeter thick card that usually functions in various digital devices and the Type II that is a 5millimeter thick card that is not usually seen in cameras that are already in consumer-levels.

– The Micro drives. These are basically of the same size as the Type II Compact Flash cards. The only difference is that instead of recording images on a flash memory, it records captured images on a spinning media. And because they are miniature hard drives, reasonable protection from possible impact is needed. Compared to CF cards, micro drives usually offer a higher capacity in a less expensive price and they can also be used in SD cards or in CF Type I slots by using an adapter.

– The XD-Picture card. This digital camera memory card is the smallest digital memory card there is. Because it is so small, it is popular because you can easily store it.

– The Secure Digital or “SD” card. This digital camera memory card is considered as the most popular format of digital memory card available in the market today. Because of its small size, it is the ideal card for major designers of camera because it comes in ultra-compact units and models.

– The Multi-Media Cards or “MMC.” This type of digital camera memory card is ideal for most camera applications because they can be interchangeable with SD card. One drawback is that MMC doesn’t possess the same electronic interface just like the SD card that’s why you can’t use it in any other handheld devices.

– The Memory Stick. This type of digital camera memory card and some of its derivatives such as Memory Stick Pro and Memory Stick Pro Duo are exclusive to the brand Sony. With the shape of a stick gum, Memory Sticks are larger than SD cards so it harder to lose them.

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