The Duties of an Engagement Photographer

The Duties of an Engagement Photographer

Most people are familiar with a wedding photographer.  They know that a wedding photographer is necessary in order to record memories of their very special wedding day.  However, more and more people are deciding to hire engagement photographers as well.  These photographers are not much different from wedding photographers.  The major difference is that instead of recording memories for a wedding the memories are related to the engagement.  The duties of an engagement photographer vary based on the needs of the perspective bride and groom.  Such activities that these photographers usually handle include capturing the entire engagement party via photographs, creating information about the wedding and quite possibly transitioning into the wedding photographer.  As more people become interested in recording a comprehensive wedding experience, engagement photographers are becoming more popular.

One of the main duties of an engagement photographer is to capture memories of the engagement party.  There are different types of engagement parties and it is up to the prospective bride and groom to decide whether they will have someone professionally record memories of these events.  Some individuals decide to have pictures for such occasions as the bridal shower where the bride receives various gifts from her friends and family.  The engagement photographer is there to take pictures of the entire event.  This involves taking pictures of the bride holding specific items that she receives as gifts.  Sometimes all of the attendees of engagement party will take one group picture.  In addition, engagement photographers also take pictures of both the prospective bride and groom together.  Oftentimes these pictures are used for the official announcement of the engagement.

Another duty of an engagement photographer is to assist with creating information about the wedding.  Engagement photographers are often hired in order to produce photographs that are used for a variety of notices that are distributed to friends, family and the public in order to notify everyone of an engagement.  These photographs are often placed in newspapers and on websites.  Likewise, the photographs that the engagement photographer takes of the prospective bride and groom can also be used for wedding related materials such as invitations.  Engagement photographers with additional skills such as graphic design capabilities are able to combine photography with their other creative skills in order to assist couples in creating invitations and other printed material in a professional personalized manner.

In many cases, if an engagement photographer successfully offers photography services to the prospective bride and groom they often become the official wedding photographer.  Some people choose to use a photographer for the engagement activities in order to get a feel for the quality services that they offer.  Once the bride and groom review the type of services offered by engagement photographers, if they are pleased, the engagement photographer is usually hired as the official wedding photographer.  In many ways hiring an engagement photographer allows individuals to assess whether a professional photographer has the skills to handle something as important as recording wedding day memories via photographs.

In all, engagement photographers perform a number of duties for their clients.  From taking pictures of the actual engagement party to potentially becoming the official wedding photographer, they offer their clients an array of services in order to help them record the memories leading up to their wedding.

Daphne Taylor has been a wedding photographer for over 15 years. Her company, Creative Image Photography, specializes in wedding photography and engagement photography in Seattle Washington.

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