The ideal option for beginners in photography

A digital camera that not only comes with the camera body with eye cup and body cap but also with standard accessories such as memory card or compact flash card, battery with protective cover, battery charger with power cord, basic set of lenses with lens cap and dust cap, and wide neck strap or wrist strap with eyepiece cover in the market.

Many digital camera bundle also come with interface cable, video cable, digital camera solution disk (CD-ROM), AV cable, a reliable pocket guide, an instruction manual, a software guide that gives an overview of the digital camera bundle software and also explains the software installation procedure, kit instruction for the battery pack, lens instruction kit, a camera warranty card as well as the lens warranty card.

A great digital camera bundle may even have a tabletop tripod and a lens cleaning kit, digital travel photo bag, a special zippered front pocket suited for extra pieces of memory cards and even a battery, also a shoulder strap and belt loop that are adjustable.

Choosing a digital camera bundle

Like buying film cameras or traditional cameras, choosing a digital camera bundle is a tiresome task because it is far from being simple. In choosing a digital camera bundle that will suit your needs, the first thing you need to do is conduct a research about the specifications you want to have. You can do this effectively by jotting down all the specifications and by listing down the brands that offer the best quality. If you’re using a film camera and you are planning to buy a digital camera bundle, here are some of the specifications you should consider:

– Camera design and body. Opt for digital camera bundles that offer digital cameras with LCDs. You may also choose camera body designs that have LCDs that can be flipped out or twisted so you can frame difficult shots.

– Battery. If you can afford a digital camera bundle that comes with rechargeable lithium batteries, choose that one. This is because these types of batteries have a longer life, are compact, and environment friendly.

– Means of transferring the files. Buy digital camera bundles that offer easier means of transferring files such as USB ports and AV cable.

– Storage option. Large storage option is considered as the biggest advantage a digital camera has over film. Choose a digital camera bundle that offers the largest storage option through a memory cards such as compact flash types, micro drive, SD/MMC, Memory Stick, and xD-Picture Card.

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