The Three Main Benefits of Using Picture Frame Mats

The Three Main Benefits of Using Picture Frame Mats

Picture frame mats are a wonderful way to make your framed photos look amazing. If you’ve never used a mat and you’re looking for a simple way to make your photos look even better, then you should definitely consider using mats. Picture frame mats add depth to your photo and can help accent specific colors to really showcase your artwork beautifully.

Mats are very versatile and make a big difference in the look of your framed piece of artwork.

What will a picture frame mat do for your photo? Here are three simple ways matting can make a difference with your photo:
•    Mats can help in framing pictures or artwork in odd sizes
•    Mats offer unique and different ways to show off your creativity
•    Mats can help your photograph stand out

If you want to avoid the expense of a custom picture frame but have a picture or piece of artwork in a non-standard size, picture frame mats can solve your problem. A picture frame mat basically inserts into the frame, between the picture and the glass, and surrounds the picture like an inner frame giving it a beautiful finished look. The benefit of mats is that they can be cut to fit the size of any picture or piece of artwork. Picture frame mats can display a non-standard photo or piece of artwork and make it fit nicely in any ready made standard sized frame without the big expense of a custom made frame. Mats can be cut to fit any size frame or picture no matter if it’s a ready made frame or a custom frame, they’re a perfect way to enhance your photos or artwork.


Mats are also popular for displaying more photos in a smaller space like collage frames or other multiple opening frames like triple or double picture frames.

Personalization is another great benefit of picture frame mats. Picture frame mats can be used to personalize your frame, from special messages to whimsical notes, signatures or drawings. You can use mats for personalizing picture frames when displaying wedding photos, graduations, anniversary parties, vacations and just about any type of photo display.

Picture frame mats also allow you to express your creativity. Mats are available in many colors and can be artistically cut to best show off your picture. A mat will help set off frames in just about any color from white picture frames to blue, red or black picture frames.

Mats can serve another purpose besides adding to the eye appeal and personalization of your picture. Mats will protect your photos from touching the glass of the picture frame. This is important because over time moisture exposure can damage your photo by causing your photo to stick to the glass. If you really want to protect your photos or artwork long term, you should consider using conservation techniques and archival products for all your framing. These products do not contain chemicals that would degrade your photos over time.

Picture frame mats have so many benefits the only real downside is that it costs a little extra time and money to buy the mat. But even that is small as there are machine precut mats for common picture frame sizes that make mats very affordable and easy to find. A non-standard mat for a unique size, however, will require a little additional cost because it has to be hand cut but is almost always well worth it.

One thing to be careful of when using multiple mats in a frame is to avoid non-glare or anti-reflective (AR) glass. Using 2 or more mats with non-glare glass may make your picture appear fuzzy. The thickness of the multiple mats creates a larger distance between the photo and the non-glare glass making the photo look diffused.

So just remember these two tips- never use non-glare glass when using multiple mats and buy pre-cut mats if you want to save a little money.

Once you try your first picture frame mat, you’ll be sure to love the look a mat can add to your favorite photo. No wonder professional photographers and picture enthusiasts have made picture frame mats so popular. Hopefully this article has helped you see the benefit of mats and will help to encourage you to try one with your next picture frame.

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