Tips for Hanging Wrought Iron Picture Frames

Tips for Hanging Wrought Iron Picture Frames

Just imagine a room with all bare walls! Doesn’t that give a feeling of emptiness, as if someone has taken away all the charm from life? Perhaps that’s why, wall decor is so essential for giving perfect feel to home decor. Picture frames are rather the easiest way to provide charm to any bare wall and if these are the wrought iron picture frames– its beyond comparison! A black picture frame is what many people are going after. We’ll not debate about why people are doing so? We know that decorative picture frames made of wrought iron can give a unique blend of modernity with antiquity plus it’s artistic too! What we are going to discuss about is how to hang them for maximum effect? Here are some tips for hanging picture frames.

Wrought iron itself is heavy and if you are hanging large picture frames, ensure yourself about the strength of the wall. If you go for custom picture frames and have it made from a professional, you must specify your requirements clearly. Hang any picture at a point which is at eye-level to an average viewer. The top of the picture frame should be at about 55 to 58 inches from the floor. If you hang it above a mantel or a sofa, the picture should be of appropriate size. A single piece of framed picture or art above a couch should be half as wide and not more than that. Be careful in selecting the matting (the border which surrounds a photo or picture inside the frame). It prevents the picture from getting buckled, wrinkled or moldy. Wide mattings are good if frames have to be hanged on a heavily textured or patterned wall. Framed pictures hanged in groups of two or three give an indescribable look to the whole decor. However, if they are not grouped carefully, they might look cluttered. Some general rules about grouping have been mentioned in the next paragraph.

Grouping Picture Frames for Wall Decor

Wrought iron can make amazing designs and the frames when grouped together look heavenly with just a few precautions-

Bring in a sense of consistency with similar frames. They can even have similar mats. Three pictures hung together in a row bring enough charm to a wall. You can even try telling some story through these pictures. For example, three wedding picture frames with your three important wedding pictures in series will tell the story of your happy married life. The space between each framed work should be less than the width of the pictures themselves. Collage picture frames are good to display smaller pictures. They can cheer up a lonely corner, as well as become the focal point of a larger space. Use large frames for larger rooms. If it is a large space, group the pictures in even numbers and if hanging over furniture, group them in odd numbers. This gives sense of volume as well as avoid overcrowding. For large pictures, horizontal arrangement is best. They should not be very far apart. When hanging them vertically, place the wider picture on top. Hallways and lobbies can have a gallery like arrangement where plenty of space is left in between each picture.

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