Tips for Photographing Kids

Tips for Photographing Kids

While your children are still young, don’t let special occasions and first memories pass by. Children grow up fast and you must capture the countless memories so that you can cherish them forever. Parents often have their drawers filled with blurry pictures and school photos of their children. So why don’t you try to improve your skills with these tips for photographing children.

Lots of parents complain that they find it hard to take pictures of their children. Most children will fool around, cross eyes, or stick their tongue out in front of cameras. If your children are used to cameras, it will be easier to take decent photos. Some families use their cameras once a month or whenever there is a special occasion. If you want your kids to be comfortable with camera, take pictures at least every week. If your children still want to make funny faces, shoot it; besides, monkey faces are really funny and cute.

Children are small and so you should take photos at their eye level. Don’t take pictures looking down. Bend your knees or sit down while taking the shot. You can also turn your kids into giants if you lie down and shoot.

Many small kids are bored with photo sessions. You can only get them interested for a couple of minutes and they will run off. If you want to keep your child still while taking the photos, you will end up with sullen faces. For portrait pictures, it will require a bit of planning. For natural expressions, your child should have fun while taking the photos. Try to keep your child’s favorite toys nearby so that you can entertain them.

It is not a good idea to have overwhelming backgrounds. If you want to focus the shot on your child, move closer. By taking a close up picture, you can create interest and drama; at the same time, you are also eliminating extra clutter. You can use the cameras macro or zoom tool to get a closer shot. Why not you experiment and take photos of your child’s hands and feet? When they grow up, they will surely laugh at how small their hands and feet are.

When taking pictures of your kids, place them off-center; putting them in the middle of the picture is not very pleasing. Focus on your child and make sure that you place them in the proper intersecting point. That way, you can create a dynamic photo of your child.

It is good to take pictures in the morning or in late afternoon. Natural light can create beautiful images. When direct light is present, you can produce intimate photos of your kids and you can avoid the red-eye problem of most photographers. When sunlight is coming through the window, let your child stand next to it and shoot or you can also take pictures of your children and their playmates under the sun while playing. The light must be behind your back when shooting the photos; that way, the light is shining on your kids. When the light is behind your kids, your kids will tend to appear as black silhouettes. This is called backlighting. Side lighting is also good but you must be able to capture the right moment.

Photographing your kids is all about having fun. If you try to insist on a particular location or you ask your kid to smile, the photo will not look natural. While your children are happy and relaxed, get your camera and take the shot. Not all your photos will end up the way you want them to but the more important thing is that you were able to capture the moment that will be gone in the coming years.

Children want to be involved. Don’t command them like robots. You must allow them to explore the location so that they can have fun. Be a keen observer because precious moments come in an instant and you should be ready to shoot it. You can even take your children to the park, a bridge, or the beach to have awesome backgrounds.

You must always be on the go. Kids hardly get tired and they just want to move around and explore things around them. You must be quick if you want to be successful in photographing your kids.

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