Travel Photographer Job – Can You Get Paid For Your Photographs?

Travel Photographer Job – Can You Get Paid For Your Photographs?

Are you looking for travel photographer jobs? Do you like to take photos of interesting and beautiful things?

If you do, why not become a travel photographer? Traveling to different locations will give you more opportunity to see and capture interesting scenery. The great thing about this is you that you can get paid for your photographs.

Yes, it’s that simple. Travel and find scenery you would like to take photos of and voila! It’s money in your pocket. Nothing is more precious than making money out of something you love to do.

So, how to do it?

Ok, first of all, you must have a plan. Identify what type of travel photographs sell in the market. Then, match it with your interests. You must build a compromise between your passion and marketability. If you take photographs solely based on your passion and interests, the pictures may not easily sell because no one would really have a use for it. On the other hand, if you take photographs only for money’s sake – which is fine to some degree, but you might get bored and unmotivated.


When you already have prospect subjects in mind, travel to places where you can find them. This is the investment part of your venture especially if you are still new at travel photography. You have to finance your travels at first.

Always remember to travel light and bring only things that you need. Careful planning is essential. Insuring your equipments is always a good idea too. Once you have reached your destinations, do your magic!

Be adventurous and always aim for quality and striking shots. Always aim to be daring and different but not too much. Being too artsy with photos may diminish its commercial value. However, it is fine once in a while. After all, you are also traveling to enjoy and to feed your need to express through your art. Stay focus though.

If you have already assembled a lot of photos, the next on the agenda is to market them and find buyers. This is probably the most difficult part of the work. Don’t worry. If your photos are excellent, finding interested parties should be easy.

If you have done your research just like what I have stated earlier, you will know which companies and businesses to contact. Publishers of travel magazines and newspapers top the list. Companies will always want some samples. So, you have to create a presentation or a portfolio that will attract customers.

One of the best venues to sell and promote your photos is thru the internet. Have a website or create a free blogsite for starters. You can put some of your work there for others to see. Eventually, it can evolve into an elaborate business website for your photographs. It will not only serve as a marketing tool but also a platform for your business transactions.

Travel Photography is fun and exciting. You are very motivated because you love your work. And once you establish yourself into the industry, your profits will grow and your reputation will build up. Sooner or later, you can expand your niches and venture to other subjects. It’s an evolving process which is surely worthwhile and very rewarding.

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