Travel Photography Jobs – Mistakes Made By Amateurs

Travel Photography Jobs – Mistakes Made By Amateurs

Travel photography jobs are tons of fun! But not just anybody can just point and shoot a camera. So how can you be a good travel photographer and stand out from the crowd of camera wielding enthusiasts?

Taking up travel photography is more than just taking pictures. It is a passion for capturing beauty and there are intricacies in the craft that one can only learn through experience. Needless to say, travel photographers with lack of experience are amateurs. They will either have a hard time capturing pictures that are stunning, dealing with local culture, setting up their equipment for optimal results, or all three.

If you want to be travel photographer or just started to become one, this article can help. Let me share some things that can save you a lot of headaches and stress.

In your quest to take quality pictures in a foreign place, let this be your guide. Avoid these amateurish mistakes so you can monetize your passion for photography in a flash. Pun intended.

Travel Photography Job Mistake #1. Not Planning The Right Equipment To Bring

Remember to travel prepared but travel light. If you are traveling in a place where your goal is to capture beautiful landscapes, you should only bring the appropriate equipment for your goal. Bringing your complete set of equipment will only end up being a burden to your travel so why bring equipment you won’t really use?

Travel Photography Job Mistake #2. Not Using A Camera’s Automatic Settings

The thing about photography is that sometimes great opportunities for a picture are fleeting. You don’t have enough time to change lens or adjust your camera settings. So you should know when is the right time to bring and use a camera with fixed lens. Learn to love your camera’s automatic settings such as, exposure and focus.

Taking photographs about culture and local activities requires readiness and photographers instinct. So you should be ready to point and click whenever an opportunity presents itself. Trust your equipment!

Travel Photography Job Mistake #3. Not Being Polite Or Respectful To Local Customs

Taking candid shots of people is priceless but sometimes people just don’t want to be photographed. Before, doing some “people shooting” you must assess first if the atmosphere and the mood of the locals who you are photographing.

You should ask first before taking the picture. Ask if you can take some portraits of the people and if you can take some candid shots of them going about their daily business. Once you have permission, you can fire away with your camera even without asking.

Take note that some places have traditional customs that go against your craft. Islamic countries for example, they don’t want their women photographed. Always be informed about the customs of the people you are photographing.

If you can do it without looking suspicious use a camera with a long zoom. That way you can take pictures without causing discomfort to the subject.

Travel Photography Job Mistake #4. Not Scheduling the Photographs

As a photographer, you should take note of the best times of the day to capture your photograph. Always study the scenery first. Find out when the natural light will be most beneficial to your photo capture. Some shots look better at dawn while others look better during early morning or evening.

Most of the time, landscape photographs can be best captured when the there are no distractions from people. If it is best taken early, make it a point to go their early.

These are just some of the mistakes amateur travel photographers make. Avoid them in order to get the best out of your travel photography adventure!

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