Travel Photography Jobs – Take Photos, Make Money!

Travel Photography Jobs – Take Photos, Make Money!

You have been an avid photographer for sometime now and your confidence in the technical and artistic aspect of the craft is at an all-time high.

Wouldn’t be nice to travel different locations, taking pictures of the scenic and interesting places and consequently make money out of it? It is very rewarding to do things you love as means of living. That is why commercially successful photographers have enviable quality of life.

Deciding to be a full time travel photographer can be daunting especially, if you do not know the steps to take. The risks are worth taking. Just follow these valuable tips to realize your travel photography dream job!

Travel Photography Jobs Tip #1: Go Out And Shoot!

This may sound obvious or over-simplistic, but it’s vitally important! You must be comfortable and fluent as a photographer in all settings and conditions. Don’t be afraid to fund your own trips at first. You must understand that you are launching a business venture out of your talent. Consider this move as an investment overhead.

Use this step to showcase all your skills. You are creating a portfolio for future business/job prospects. Build up a library of truly first class images. This is also a good time to network and get to know a lot of people who may be able to help boost your career.

Travel Photography Jobs Tip #2: Know the Demand

It is essential to know the demand. You must ask yourself which types of photos are most marketable.

If there is a high demand for scenic photos of tourist destination spots, it is a great idea to initially start shooting for those. It will be easier to find clients for these photo sets and from there you can comfortably explore to new trends. Remember, you are just starting; don’t get too idealistic if the current demands are not of your artistic specialty.

Travel Photography Jobs Tip #3: Marketing is Necessary

Armed with a library of impressive photos, the next sensible step is to promote your work. You got to know the right people or businesses that are willing to buy your work and services. Examples of potential clients are resorts, hotels, travel magazine publishers, government agencies, and basically all businesses catering to the tourism industry.

The good thing about marketing in photography is that it greatly relies in your portfolio. So if you don’t have the knack for sales talk, there is no need to worry. Let your pictures do the talking.

Moreover, one of the marketing strategies that you should implement is via web marketing. Have a website to place your portfolio. It can do wonders! It is a great way to spread your work.

Travel Photography Jobs Tip #4: Find a Sales Partner

Sometimes, the hard work is not from taking the pictures but from finding and managing clients. If you are not the type or simply hate the marketing aspect of your job, you can find a dependable sales professional to do the stuff for you. Negotiate a win-win deal with your partner and then you can concentrate solely on your craft.

Travel Photography Jobs Tip #5: Be Adventurous. Explore New Methods and Techniques

Photography is a very competitive field. Get ahead of your peers and always try to improve. Explore and experiment on different techniques you can think of.

Imagine if you are able to perfect a particular technique say, for example, underwater photography. Clients with this demand will surely go straight to you because they know that you are the best at this specific field. Plus, when your reputation has grown enough, you can reasonably put a higher price on your services.

Travel Photography Jobs Tip #6: Be a Professional

Last but not least. If you want to stay long and well in this industry you must embody professionalism. Do quality work and deliver it on time. Your reputation as a travel photographer includes how easy you are to work with.

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