Tutorial Photoshop-photo Retouch

Tutorial Photoshop-photo Retouch

In this tutorial we will create something like glamour photo retouch tutorial. We will use Adobe Photoshop as our tool of choice for retouching a photo and making almost a ready design out of it. You will have some files for support like some brushes and the initial photo itself to practice on. So let’s start out talk on making PS photo retouch.
Here is the photo I found in the internet on Comfight.com, a very useful service if you want to find any photos.


Here it is. A very mystical mood photo but in the same time very bright (the eyes have it).
Now the first thing I’m going to do here is to change my hue to a little bit “into the blue”, just a little bit. It’s not really necessary for you to do this, depending on the monitor you got and so on, but I feel that it will be better if the picture will be bluer saturated.


I will turn OFF the saturation layer for now. Now if you look and the initial picture you will probably notice that the light on the girls face is too strong, too much white.
I will fix that, I’m going to use a low flow (about 20% flow depending on the tablet and the brush settings) brush. So create a new layer and start. If this is your first tutorial to read it will be a little bit harder. Anyway I’ll try to give you the possibility to download this mask, shall we say, file….next >>>

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