Underwater Cameras

Underwater Cameras

Underwater scenes are breathtaking. If you haven’t tried scuba diving, this is the best time to try it out and while you are there, don’t forget to bring the underwater camera. With a camera, you can capture all the beautiful scenes underwater.

If you are up for a great adventure, try underwater photography. But in order to take pictures underwater, you must pick the right camera. There are lots of choices online and in your local stores. Here are helpful pointers to choose the perfect camera:

When looking for a camera, you must choose the one that you can use on land and underwater. There are several reputable camera brands that you can find and if you want to determine the top sellers, check out product reviews. Review sites are all over the internet. Underwater cameras come with waterproof housing and you can use it within 100ft. popular manufacturers of underwater cameras are Sealife and Sea & Sea. Check out the reviews on the camera brand and see if the customers are satisfied. Make sure that the reviews are not biased.

Some photographers purchase the camera and the underwater housing individually. If you do this, the housings of Fuji, Canon, Ikelite and Olympus are great and it costs only around $150.

Photographers often worry about the mega pixels of the camera. For underwater photography, you can get a camera with 6 mega pixels because it can readily handle your shots. If you are not contented with snapshots, it is a good idea to purchase a camera with manual controls. Don’t settle with cameras having underwater mode; for more accurate underwater shots, you should manually set the white balance feature of the camera especially if the camera has no flash. Aside from the camera brands mentioned earlier, you can also get Nikon, whether you are purchasing housing or a camera.

Taking underwater photos is really exciting and it is one way of sharing the world below to others. Digital cameras have definitely changed underwater photography. These cameras are sleek, handy, and offer many features that aid underwater photographers.

You should consider these things when getting a good camera – external flash, land, and sea modes. When you’re underwater, you can encounter many conditions which can affect the picture quality. A good camera allows you to instantly delete a shot after you’ve taken it especially if you are not satisfied. A single button for the operation features allows you to work with ease even when you are underwater. You should also look for other features like good quality and expandable standard lenses, flashes, accessories, etc.

A very good example of a good quality camera that you can use underwater is DX3100 (Aqua Pix) which has 3.1 mega pixels and is fully functional. If you want an effusively amphibious camera, this is an excellent choice. Flooding of cameras and underwater damages are reduced. Most professionals opt for this type of camera.

The lenses of the camera should be appropriate for underwater and land photography. These cameras have meniscus lenses, correction filters built within the camera, macro lenses, and flash diffusers. For good quality shots, multi flash is required. You can even find cameras with 15MB memory that comes with good editing software and complete storage.

Underwater photography may be a challenging venture but if you have the guts and skills to do it, you can pursue this endeavor. Taking close up shots of underwater scenes may be a bit difficult especially if you are not a good diver. You can take shots of corals, conch shell, sea fan, and many other sea creatures. If you can’t get close enough, you will end up with all-blue photos. If you are far away from the subject, you will get a bad shot even if you’re using external flash. The flash can only penetrate about 3 to 4 feet.

Here is a very good rule that you should keep in mind – if you can touch the subject, go ahead and take a shot. When taking pictures, never shoot down; if you’re shooting far from the subject and you’re doing it face down, you will never get the desired shot. Sea creatures have their eyes on the sides so if you shoot down, you can’t capture the personality of the creature.

If you can choose a good camera and you know how to take a good shot, underwater photography will be very easy.

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