Useful tips for beginners in digital photography

Useful tips for beginners in digital photography

Though digital cameras are known to do all the work in producing good photos, it is still up to the user how he or she will compose the subject and how will he or she use the functions the camera has. If you are new in the field of digital photography, here are some tips that can help you shoot like a “pro” no matter what camera brand or type you have.

1. Try warming up tones by adjusting the white balance setting of the digital camera. Cozy photos that have warm tones on them are better to look at compared to those which are too bright yet plain. In most digital cameras, the default white balance setting is usually set to “auto” or automatic, which means it will automatically adjust the color and tone of the subject being taken into a lighter and brighter shade. If you want to achieve a cozy and warm effect, especially when you’re shooting outdoor portraits and sunny landscapes, make sure that you change the white balance setting of your digital camera from “auto” into “cloudy” because this adjustment will put a mild warming filter on the digital camera setting that will increase the red and yellows shades that result to warmer and richer photos.

2. Add some punch to your images by using sunglass polarizers. Polarizers are one of the types of filters every photographer must have especially if he or she is into landscapes and outdoor shooting because this really adds punch to the images. Polarize filters are used to reduce the glare and unwanted reflections on the subject that usually result in photos that have richer and more saturated colors. If you’re digital camera cannot accommodate filters, you can use the open secret of most photographers, use a good pair of sunglasses as a polarizing filter. You can do this by placing the sunglass on your digital camera’s lenses and shoot. When you upload your shots, you will notice that your photos will have lesser glare and reflections.

3. Ensure that your outdoor portraits shine. Seasoned photographers agree that one of the greatest hidden features of today’s digital cameras is called the “fill flash” or the “flash on mode.” If you want to revolutionize the outdoor portraits you usually shoot, try to take control of the flash. You can produce photos that illuminate the subject especially in portraits. But since most built in flash is only applicable within 10 feet or so, make sure that use it in a proper range so you can create effects on the image you have taken.

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