When to take a digital photography class

When to take a digital photography class

Put in digital photography as one of the electives in college and be prepared to have a jam-packed class every year. This is the most obvious choice for an elective not only because it is the most interesting but because people think that it is the easiest thing in the world to do and therefore, easy to pass.

But there is more to digital photography than what you might think. It is not just about knowing when to click the camera button. It is not just about telling your subjects to smile and face the camera. It is more than finding a great view that will serve as a background. Unknown to many, there are many things involved in digital photography and you should know them first before you take the class.

1. You need expensive equipment
When taking the class, you need to first have a digital camera and that does not mean the ordinary kind. You need the D-SLR, which is used by professional photographers. The D-SLR has features that cannot be found in the compact digital cameras. These features, which are related to adjusting the lighting source, the color and the angles, will help create photos that are out of the ordinary. One catch of course is that D-SLR is pretty expensive and if you will not be able to borrow one or if you are not really that serious in photography, buying one will only be a waste of money. So think twice.

2. Lighting matters
As mentioned previously, digital photography is not something as simple as clicking the button. You need to also understand about lighting and how it affects the angles and shadows in your shots. This is especially true if you are studying portraits which makes use a lot of the lighting theory to make subject look better, thinner and more glowing. Ever wondered why some celebrities look thinner in photos? It is the trick of the lights, which in turn tricks the eyes into seeing something that is not really there.

3. It requires commitment
If you are not a serious photography enthusiast, better forgo with the class and choose another one. You need to be able to commit to the task if you want to hone your craft. But at the same time if you are a hobbyist, a class will also not be a great idea because it may distract your from your other subjects.

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